Safety's Archive



Safety, the safety orange fox, came to me by way of a FurBid auction in March, 2005. "Crrsafox" built the head, tail and hand paw set which has come to become the foundation of this character. His original name was "Groucho." The head is flocked with orange and white, short pile, faux fur over a framework of foam with some long pile black and white fur for the ears, eyebrows and the cheek ruffs. The head is very solid and snug. Visibility is excellent and fresh air can be taken through the non-moving open muzzle.

Safety debuted at Ohio Morphicon in May 2005 and also Anthrocon 2005 but at both events went by the name Cyllee. (Pronounced 'Silly.') Between Anthrocon and Midwest FurFest, the name Cyllee was dropped and Safety was selected as a more fitting name for a firefighting fox. Safety has been seen at Midwest FurFest 2005 and various events around Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania as well as Halloween.

In this archive are the pictures of this firefighting fox as he's had fun and spread the message of fire safety in the Furry Fandom and in public appearances.

Both Safety and I are glad you stopped by and remind you that Smoke Detectors Save Lives. Check them monthly and change the batteries every six months.